Green Building

Belleza is Green

‘ IGBC Green Homes ’ is the first rating programme developed in India by the Indian Green Building Council, exclusively for the residential sector to facilitate the creation of energy efficient, water efficient, healthy, comfortable and environmentally friendly houses.

Buildings annually consume more than 20% of the electricity generated in India. Building a green building is not just a matter of assembling a collection of the latest green technologies or materials. Rather, it is a process in which every element of the design is first optimised and then the impact and interrelationship of various different elements and systems within the building and site are re-evaluated, integrated, and optimised as part of a whole building solution. For example, interrelationships between the building site, site features, the path of the sun, and the location and orientation of the building and elements such as windows and external shading devices have a significant impact on the quality and effectiveness of natural day lighting. These elements also affect direct solar loads and overall energy performance for the life of the building. Without considering these issues early in the design process, the design is not fully optimised and the result is likely to be a very inefficient building. This same emphasis on integrated and optimised design is inherent in nearly every aspect of the building from site planning and use of on-site storm water management strategies to envelope design and detailing and provisions for natural ventilation of the building. This integrated design process mandates that the entire design team work cooperatively towards common goals from day one.


Site Planning

Water Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Indoor Environmental Quality